What We Can Learn From Halle Berry

I want to talk about all of the “Halle Berry’s” in the world.

The Halle Berry’s of the world are the women who continue to be in relationship after failing relationship… according to those “Watching” from the sidelines.

Someone on Twitter made the truest statement that Halle Berry has failed marriages and is ridiculed but Steve Harvey is successful for his failed marriages, I mean wtf is that about?

Sista Erykah Badu can have 4 baby daddies and be crowned Queen Pum Pum but because Halle isn’t walking around on her god body shit she’s a failure?  Help me understand people?

Here is the thing.  NOTHING in this world is guaranteed to last forever.  Not your job, your finances, your happiness and not even this precious life you live unfortunately.

If you are mentally healthy then you will continue to grow as the years go on. Your wants change, your desires, change, your needs change.  The more you are exposed to the more you will change.  You do not have any power over the people in your life and what they decide to do with themselves.  You can only love yourself and hope that your mate loves you and loves himself just as much to grow as well.   You are not obligated to play the role of small wonder to make anybody in your life feel big or complete. You are doing yourself a MAJOR disservice if that is the route you choose to go.

There are a lot of women in the world in relationships for 5, 10, 15, 20 years that turn their noses up to women who end relationships in 3 year increments.  Even more disappointing are the men who bash the women who “can’t keep a man.”

Let’s discuss these people shall we?

How much do you want to bet that the men doing the bashing are in relationships with the women who are turning their noses up? And how much do you want to bet that the women turning their noses up have been lied to, cheated on, possibly beaten or humiliated and hurt in a million ways during that long term relationship with the men who bash women who can’t keep a man?

How much are you willing to bet?

I bet you if these folks didn’t care so much about what people thought they wouldn’t be in the relationships that they are in. They don’t have cojones to walk away and start over… because they are too worried about image and the backlash of what people are going to say.  You see people love to put on a show. People love giving a fuck when it’s not even their turn. People LOVE putting themselves in situations to get reactions from outsiders instead of being true to themselves and doing what’s best for them.  So when their relationships are failing? They rather hold on and front as if they are happy then to let their audience know its over, because being in a relationship validates them and in there eyes, for it to fail would be oh so humiliating now wouldn’t it?

But see Halle Berry can give a fuck about what you think.  Halle Berry has dealt with public scrutiny since she stepped her beautiful ass on the scene from rumors of being abused to being crazy to even having wack pum pum as if she would sleep with any of you simple ass negroes for you to even know firsthand if this is true.  Or to the women cosigning saying that she must be crazy because she can’t keep a man, are you the same women keeping that ain’t shit man in your life to prove a point to the masses? What did you have to sacrifice to keep this “long term” relationship going? You can learn a lot from Halle if you stopped giving a fuck what people thought about you.

When you love yourself THAT MUCH? You will never deprive yourself the opportunity to be loved over and over and over and then again some more.  You won’t shut yourself out from love just because the last relationship ended, because as I stated before, nothing lasts forever, so when you lose one, you dust yourself off, learn from it, take some time off, grieve properly then you get back out there and go for yours again.   Because that’s what dope people do.   The Halle’s of the world just keep on going. Nothing can keep them down, no man can stop them from loving again and moving on, nobody can tell the Halle Berry’s of the world shit as they move on, head high to the sky, middle finger up!

Embrace the relationship that you are in and when its over, be woman enough to walk away, despite what anybody thinks because most people are too afraid to love out loud and some people are in relationships that validate them and hey that’s their thing!  But a smart person knows  that a failing relationship doesn’t mean that you are a failure, hell even your beloved Cadillac needs to be replaced after 10 years! You gonna keep that raggedy shit just because it’s a Cadillac?

Folks are so caught up in image and what people may think, so you can’t expect them to have the confidence in themselves to know that they can always start over and get something better and better each time. A grown woman knows when to walk away from what no longer serves her soul or grows her mind and perhaps Halle just keeps evolving and out growing these men time and time again.

What we can learn from the Halle Berry’s of the world is how to be fearless and how to love love and block out the voices of the bitter and scared. How else will you know what’s out there for you if your busy jumping from couch to couch in your comfort zone?

I think the “comfortable” people envy the Halle Berry’s of the world I really do… They wish they had the balls to keep going and not care what people think but instead they stay in these “Long term” relationships getting the life drained out of them and turning there noses up at folks who choose not to do so.

Hell maybe its not even that DEEP maybe Halle doesn’t want to be in long term relationships. Maybe she designed herself to yell SWIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH every 3 years, shit!  Maybe her fucks to give cuts off at a certain point who knows!! Every body’s idea of love is totally different so let people be great I say!!!!!!!!!!!!

But at the VERY end of the day you have to learn how to drink water.. and mind your M&^)(*&#% business… But yawl don’t hear me though.

Guard Your Spirit

Be Great


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