Teach What You Know

When we walk through those dark valleys of life and we fight to find our light at the end of the tunnel we tend to forget about those who are in the valley with us along the way. We see the light and instantly turn selfish, we no longer need those who traveled with us, we cut the strings and venture out on our own.  That is not the way to be.  You can not forget those or leave those behind who walked those walks with you just to perform in the face of those who really don’t know you or the root of you.  But some of us get to our sunshine and so desperately fight to forget where we came from.  We don’t want any remnants of our past to show up in your present or future.  But your past builds your present.  Who would you be without what you went through?

No one is saying stay stuck in the past.   Your past is not a destination but instead a point of reference.

The youth coming up under us and even our peers need you as a point of reference.  They are watching you do what they pray the find the strength to do and when you get to your destination and slam the door in their faces, you leave them no hope and no choice but to fall off to the side.  Someone helped you get to where you had to go, be it friends you used for the time being, a man, a job, something or someone assisted in your growth.   It’s only right that you reach back.

There are people out there feeling too vulnerable or scared to tell people what they are going through. People will indeed pretend to love you, be around you, just to size you up to prepare themselves to devour you and spit you out. Be there for “HER” who sits in shame because she knows her friends aint shit, her family aint shit, her man aint shit but they are all she has.

When you learn you teach Amen? It costs NOTHING to make someone feel good.

But while you’re (I) steady teaching and growing and sharing, you have to be mindful of convincing your listeners of how fucked up everyone else is without including how fucked up you once were. How else could you teach so compassionately what you never experienced?

Be mindful of taking yours sons and daughters by the neck and pointing at everyone else telling them who they need to NOT be like and who they need to distance themselves from. Be careful of who you use as an example because there was probably a time when someone grabbed their sons and daughters by the neck and pointed at you as an example of who NOT to be like or hang around.

When you teach.. make sure you use yourself as an example of a fuck up that pushed through. Don’t paint your pretty picture while slandering others.

Just because you stopped smoking crack before your fellow man doesn’t erase the fact that you were once a crackhead too. Tell your part of the story too! Talk about how you once were in the iron staircases with a glass dick to your mouth. Tell your part too!

We gotta do more than talk shit to our youth and to those in need, we have to lead by example minus the showboating and pulpittin and frontin.

DON’T ever forget your past and the part you played.

Anything less is just you running your mouth to sound above thee and its not impacting or helping anyone except your played out ego.

Guard Your Spirit

Be Great!


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