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Fly Girl: Montego Bay, Jamaica

So 10 days after returning from Turks (See Fly Girl: Turks and Caicos) I had the pleasure of going to Montego Bay. Mek mi tell unu about my trip to MoBay!   Now I had just visited Jamaica in 2015 for my great friend Lisa’s 40th.  I thought that was the best trip to Jamaica I’d ever experience. I had gone twice before Lisa’s trip and was well versed in Ricks Cliff, Dunn’s River, all the Marley attractions and drank all the rum punch a girl can have.  And the fact that I am Jamaican it’s like over kill already. Going to Jamaica at this point for me is like going to Miami or to the corner store.  But this time I had to go to Jamaica for one thing I never saw when I was there prior.  Continue reading “Fly Girl: Montego Bay, Jamaica”


You are known for always having your stuff together.  The strong one. The put together one.  The one who makes failure look like a win.

Everybody loves you, people flock around you in droves when you finally come out of hibernation to show the world your beautiful smile.  Your energy attracts a nation of millions.

You got it going on by any means necessary. You are beautiful.  You love hard.  You are in a relationship with the man of your dreams.

You live in a nice place and your children aren’t delinquents.  Even their father, though removed from the home, is supportive, mentally, emotionally, financially…  You are winning.  Some women want to be you, not that they lack self esteem, but because you carry a peace that is envied. You carry a glow that reminds others that they are not done growing.  You are admired.  The straightness of your back when you walk makes every curve on your body noticeable prompting quiet admirers to run to the gym in silence to reappear as your competition …but you ain’t listening.

People come to you for guidance, telling you their darkest secrets because they know that you will keep it. You are mother, sister, daughter, wife, bestie, home girl to the stars…

Men look at you with dirty thoughts… they wanna slide their knowledge between your eyes and drip hot conversation into your mouth and grope your soul…

They do not want to wife you… but instead marry everything in your world, every turn there is a promise and a vow to be the only one in your world as your protector, your guide though you need neither.. they still are honored and fight for the cause…

Perfect is what they call you as you saunter pass leaving a womanly fragrance in the air for them all to nose fight over sucking up all of your allure.. You leave people wanting more.

You are adored

But you wonder sometimes…  at night when you close your door

And the tears pour

That if you show that you are human… and that you have feelings too

Will you let the world that has shown you so much love down?

Because you are hurting over something they can’t see

Wanting something they cannot give

Needing one thing that not even you know what it is… until you get it

So you prepare your soul for it every day by being kind

By loving through the pain

By giving more than taking

By speaking positive words

By meditation

By being grateful

By being…

A woman

Just know that it is okay…

What We Can Learn From Halle Berry

I want to talk about all of the “Halle Berry’s” in the world.

The Halle Berry’s of the world are the women who continue to be in relationship after failing relationship… according to those “Watching” from the sidelines.

Someone on Twitter made the truest statement that Halle Berry has failed marriages and is ridiculed but Steve Harvey is successful for his failed marriages, I mean wtf is that about?

Sista Erykah Badu can have 4 baby daddies and be crowned Queen Pum Pum but because Halle isn’t walking around on her god body shit she’s a failure?  Help me understand people?

Here is the thing.  NOTHING in this world is guaranteed to last forever.  Not your job, your finances, your happiness and not even this precious life you live unfortunately.

If you are mentally healthy then you will continue to grow as the years go on. Your wants change, your desires, change, your needs change.  The more you are exposed to the more you will change.  You do not have any power over the people in your life and what they decide to do with themselves.  You can only love yourself and hope that your mate loves you and loves himself just as much to grow as well.   You are not obligated to play the role of small wonder to make anybody in your life feel big or complete. You are doing yourself a MAJOR disservice if that is the route you choose to go.

There are a lot of women in the world in relationships for 5, 10, 15, 20 years that turn their noses up to women who end relationships in 3 year increments.  Even more disappointing are the men who bash the women who “can’t keep a man.”

Let’s discuss these people shall we? Continue reading “What We Can Learn From Halle Berry”