Ayana Ellis has released her 7th book, The Book Of Yaya 12:77available for paperback and kindle on! 

This intimate, emotional, witty and hilarious collection of quotes explores Ayana Ellis’ poetic and spiritual side. A collection of her deepest thoughts, Ayana Ellis is transparent in her 7th installment, The Book Of Yaya 12:77—opening herself up to her readers with her usual style of rawness, she encourages her audience to face their fears, find the joy in their pain, fight for the life they deserve and to ultimately never settle for a mediocre life. The Book Of Yaya 12:77 serves as a great source of inspiration for men and women

Other Books By Ayana On Amazon 

Don't Be A Dumb Bitch: The Female Guide to Life and Love by [Ellis, Ayana] Full Circle (Urban Books)King MeLove ChangesProduct Details


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