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Ever find yourself foggy headed, unable to concentrate, cranky for no reason… or perhaps you know the reasons why you’re feeling so drained, aloof, blah, but you can’t really seem to figure out how to turn OFF your ON switch.

You’re always doing “something.” Working, looking, building, trying, running, praying, giving, needing, loving, hating, hurting, wondering, thinking…. And it seems impossible to just stop for a second and do nothing at all. After all, the world won’t turn if you’re not running on that hamster wheel to keep it going right? WRONG.


Will pass you by if you are so busy trying to make a living, that you forget to live. Happiness will elude you if you are going so hard trying to make others happy, in an effort to bring happiness to yourself. Love will drain you if you’re loving your mate so much harder than s/he is loving you in return. In order for love to work, it has to be reciprocated on the same level to avoid resentment. That same sentiment goes for chasing happiness, chasing dreams, etc.

In all things that you do, sometimes the more you chase after it, the harder it seems to obtain and you will find yourself drained, tired and unhappy because you put so much effort into things without giving yourself a chance to breathe. It’s like if you plant a seed in the dirt, then you just sit there day in and day out waiting for a leaf or bud to sprout from the ground; or painting a room, touching the paint every 3 minutes to see if it is dry yet. It will drive you crazy. Sometimes you have to step away from the things you put the most effort into, step back and get a clearer view as to what is going on, what you’re doing and what it is you’re really trying to achieve. Look at all areas of your life through fresh eyes every once in a while to get a better understanding and view of what you’re doing. If possible, change your scenery and surroundings for a few days at least once a month. Take a break, a breather and invest all of that energy into some “ME TIME.” Find something other than your normal routine to do or saturate your thoughts with. Step away from it all for a week or so. Regroup, reinvent and apply that new energy to what matters to you the most.

Tips on How to Set Your Watch to “Me O’clock”

Spa Day: Everyone should invest in a Spa Day. Relax, get the kinks worked out of you and just relax.

Change your surroundings: When your life gets too routine it is imperative that you find something else to do other than the usual. Book a hotel room, one with good views. Order room service, relax for the weekend, and leave the lap top at home. Don’t even tell anyone where you are. Just let your loved ones know that you’re okay and be gone!

Day Off: Use those sick and vacation days randomly in the middle of the week just to break up the monotony of it all.

Fall Back: Let your mate know you’re tired and you need a moment to yourself and switch that dial to Me O’clock for about 48-72 hours if possible.

Drop It: Stop thinking so much. Relax, drink some tea and let it go… whatever it is just let it go for a while. You may find that once you do, you don’t even have any desire to allow certain thoughts to enter your mind again.

Reevaluate your circle: Friends/People can drain and suck the energy right out of you. Be mindful of who you spend most of your time with and who you give most of your energy to. They may be a huge contributing factor to why you feel the way you do.

Career Goals: They say never give up. But you just might have to switch gears if what you’re working so hard on just isn’t working.

Over all, don’t invest more time than you should, into anything or anyone that isn’t beneficial to your overall happiness, wealth and health. Sometimes you have to make time for nothing other than yourself. Every once in a while the time should be set to Me O’clock on your watch.

Remember that your body/mind is a machine. Don’t over heat it, causing it to break down. Keep your parts fresh!




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