Drop A Gem On ‘Em

A woman’s most precious gems are kept in her jewelry box with a lock and key. It is not  left out in the open for the taking. She goes in the box to retrieve her special gems on special occasions and she wears them proudly.  This same sentiment should and can be applied to your daily life.  It’s hard enough being a woman in a world filled with bad bitches. So it is a must that we maintain and protect what is precious to us in the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual and verbal form.

What we expose ourselves to daily, what we listen to, pray for, speak about, do and allow continuously, all contribute to who we are and what we will inevitably become.

The jewelry box will be filled with precious gems for women to keep us uplifted, positive and willing to represent ourselves as the upper echelon of  humanity.

It’s a cold world out there girls… We have to stay afloat and not let our surroundings bring us down or change who we are.  Stay BeYOUtiful.

Live, Love, Laugh and Be Great!



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