Is Social Media THAT Powerful?

Is social media that powerful or are people really that clueless and feel the need to prove themselves constantly?

I ask this because I see men posting statuses constantly like:

If you don’t need make up and a weave drop a selfie? and women do it
If you can cook drop a meal here: and women cook up a meal just to post it
If you got a fat ass drop it here: and women post stupid pics
If you good at suckin di*k on a scale of 1-10 what are you? and women actually rate themselves

I should put up the status, if you ain’t afraid to show us what your di*k look like when its soft and you just got out the shower post it here,:
If you paid that child support this month post receipts here:
If you not shacking with a chick because you can’t afford to live alone post your lease here:
If you’re faithful to your lady post a pic of you and her boo’d up here…

I would love to see how many men would oblige

Ladies stop jumping thru hoops on social media to gain approval from these men, its ludicrous *tyson vc.


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