I just want to take a moment to rest my hand on the home row keys and allow my fingers to dance and express how I feel about the audacity of women to celebrate one another because nobody else will. I want to take in this moment to bask in the beauty of women who are out here unapologetically showing they natural black asses all up and through these streets.  Every time you turn on the TV, movie theaters, social media, your block, my block, we are every where, afros out, colorful garments, flashy, brazen, bodacious, loud, proud, laughing and hugging, extending opportunities, shaking hands, rubbing shoulders, complimenting one another, adjusting one another’s crown’s, loving on one another, healing each other.

It took us, to fix us and love us.

Now more than ever, female friendships are becoming stronger.

Now more than ever we are realizing the importance of a sisterhood and having like minded females in your life to uplift you, support you, inspire you and cheer you on!


We are out here starting businesses and hiring thy neighbor and sharing one another’s accomplishments on social media and putting together brunches and lunches just to celebrate our fly shoes and hair do’s, just out here giving each other props for the fuck of it, just celebrating one another because if we don’t then who will? I mean…


We are just out here living life and loving on one another, creating our own lanes, our own worlds with our beautiful, bad, black asses!  Shout out to those of us who continue to rise above by putting away our asses, and adjusting our reading glasses, using our minds instead of our behinds, those of us who don’t aspire to be bad bitches, just good women, making a living, doing whatever we feel.  Shout out to those of us who choose not to lose sleep over being unable to buy designer things and achieve materialistic wealth, just so we can be tagged and praised for being able to afford some shit that’s gonna go out of style next week or some shit that can’t heal the brokenness in us but instead leaves us broke. We are no longer doing shit for likes we doing shit for life!

We are are out here writing books, creating shows, advocating, communicating, intelligently debating. We are working 9-5, just doing what we have to do!

We are anything but basic, we are thee shit!

We got a ways to go, but I see more of us sticking together than I see us hating on one another and that is the most refreshing shit I’ve seen and felt in a long time.

Shout out to us for being unapologetically dope.



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