Cynthia Bailey on Entrepreneurship and staying focused

Before she was Nene Leakes “bestie,” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey was a real house hold name among the fashion elite, gracing the covers of some of the worlds top fashion magazines.  Yes, one thing is for sure, you all got Ms. Bailey effed up.  This woman is a legend in her own right, you could find Cynthia styling alongside the likes of Beverly Johnson, Naomi, Iman and Tyra.

Cynthia is no stranger to bright lights and attention and most importantly fashion!  So when I got the opportunity to attend the launch of her sun-glass line, “Cynthia Bailey Eye-wear”  I jumped at the chance to meet with who I remembered as one of America’s most beautiful African American women.

The women in attendance for this event were all a reflection of what Cynthia Bailey embodies as a woman and a boss.  Stylish, bold, colorful and intelligent was the theme of the jam packed eye wear launch, women shaking hands, complimenting one another and lined up out the door to purchase the fly eye wear line, courtesy of Mizz Bailey.


I watched Cynthia for a while before approaching her for an interview.  She was quiet, she seemed a bit shy, but very very cool, nice and stunning. Dressed in distressed jeans, a blazer, strappy stilettos and your favorite hoodlicious cornrows, Cynthia smiled as I approached her and stood ready for our interview.


I wanted to speak on the importance of being a boss. Not in the sense of flossing for IG and throwing around the term so loosely but actually being your own boss, what it takes, the do’s and don’ts and what to expect along the way and I couldn’t agree more with what Cynthia had to say. Being a dream chaser myself, I couldn’t give up if I tried. Winners don’t give up on themselves even though it sometimes seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to sleep, you have to keep your team intrigued and you most definitely have to remain focused and understand that you can NOT do it alone.

From Top Model, to Reality Star, Cynthia Bailey is more than the woman you love to hate for being a “Flip-Flopper” on Sunday nights.  She is a boss that continues to reinvent herself. Put some respek on her name.


Check out Cynthia Bailey’s gorgeous eye wear line here 


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