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Publisher, producer and co-host, Ayana Ellis of Purpose Publishing, LLC has been inspiring young women by way of seven published urban and self-help books since 2008. She is the girl next door, who has a passion for encouraging young girls and women to look within themselves for their own validation. According to Ellis, “What’s unique about Purpose Publishing is that we focus on the purpose of our books. I believe in positive images through literature and want to heal others through words.”

Being a Brooklynite herself, Ayana Ellis’s first book ‘Girls From Da’ Hood’ uniquely captures the perspectives and objectives of three Brooklyn females as they maneuver through life’s challenges. Ayana followed up with her second book, a romantic story, ‘Love Changes’ involving two best friends at odds over a man. Readers find out whether their love triangle fails and if the besties remain friends or become bitter enemies.

The third book, ‘Full Circle’ is an urban tale loosely based on Ellis’ life as a Domestic Violence survivor. Carin Douglas learns to survive the gritty streets of Brooklyn and navigate her way around street thugs, hustlers and abuse. ‘King Me‘ is the forth novel and Ayana describes it as, “A story of what could happen when a King cheats, a Pawn is misled and a Queen won’t let go.” Can you say, check mate?” Book ‘Don’t Be A Dumb Bitch’ is Ellis’s first self-help book that is an empowering guide that’s relatable to any age or race. Its pages are filled with one-part raw sugar, inside of a spicy cocktail of sound advice for the soul.

Finally, the seventh is entitled ‘The Book of Yaya 12:77‘ is a book of daily affirmations, another must read for women of the digital era. A time in which body shaming and social media bullying are far too common, many women need a daily dose of self-confidence, self-awareness and good old fashioned encouragement for thyself.

Not only is Ayana Ellis an accomplished writer, publisher and former Deputy Editor of Don Diva Magazine but, is also a Executive Producer of YouTube show and Podcast “Conversations with Yaya” available on Anchor

Showing no signs of stopping or slowing down, in early 2018, Ellis has also released a T-shirt line, Books Brains and BeauTee’s, her slogan “Where Words Meet Wardrobe,” is the perfect tag-line for this writer who is constantly reinventing herself and adding to her ever growing resume.
Ayana Ellis

All of Ayana Ellis’ books are dedicated to women. She is a mother, daughter, granddaughter and sister to a tribe of family members who are supportive of her many talents and aspirations.

IG: @ayanaellis_official

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4.0 out of 5 stars

Good Book!!

By Amazon Customer on September 19, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

Ayana Ellis is very straight to the point with No Chaser!! LOL.I feel as women we always need a refresher and a reminder to recharge. Although the title is a little in your face. I think all women can benefit from this book!! Thanks for helping me recharge and refocus!!

5.0 out of 5 stars


By kelz97150 on November 3, 2013

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Verified Purchase

At first, I just wanted to read a few pages before going out but I ended up staying home and read the whole book. I loved the story, I loved how she (Ayana Ellis) give us a lil bit if each character, letting us know what they all thought and how they felt about certain situations. It was like reading their minds. Wish there was a part 2!

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is no ordinary LOVE !! AMAZING !!!

By MECCA WALLACE on August 19, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

A friend of mines suggested this book to me and I figured I would try it out. I first decided to get a sample via kindle and then was in too deep and had to purchase the entire book within minutes. Yaya takes you through a journey of undeniable love! I know this type of love and could easily relate to Asha. The love between King and Asha feel’s like it only comes along once in a lifetime. I love the relationship between her and her friend’s. They seem to have each other’s back NO MATTER WHAT. At least that what it appears but, my spidey senses tell me something is boiling in the pot. I feel like men need to read this book to know a romp in the bedroom does not always end in the bedroom in more ways than one! Be careful there is a Bethany around each corner. I don’t want to give too much away but i will say that i read this book in less than 2 days because i could not put it DOWN! Ms. Yaya Ellis has made a fan in me and i will look for more of her books.

P.S. I NEED PART 2 TONIGHT !!!!!!! Loved every page

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great Story Awesome Read

By Amazon Customer on January 22, 2010

Format: Paperback

Verified Purchase

Ms. Ellis is a great storyteller. From page to page you feel the emotion, excitement, anger and energy Carin is feeling. I found myself caught up in the good old days as the author so poignantly described life in the early nineties. The first part of the book kept a smile on my face and had me thinking back in time about the clothes, cars, music and jewelry of that era. It was fun reminiscent about the fun and often wild times I had in the nineties. This story really brought back that period in my life and I had to stop and thank GOD, that because of HIS grace this wasn’t me. This was such a well written story it was not rushed in any way but there was never a dull moment. The title says everything about the story inside. I “Loved” it. I will definitely read this again later this year. I am going to let my teenage daughter read this as well as the issue of domestic violence is so prevalent in her generation. This one is a MUST READ for all women.