There is nothing wrong with a little bit of makeup, a couple of tracks or a pair of Spanx to smoothing things over.  But this trend of body alteration has gotten out of control.  Way out of control.  Women are  getting their lives snatched from them instead of their waist lines because they are willing to do anything to look good.

Now I’m all for looking good in a dress, but some of you woman are being straight up deceitful with these contraptions that you are wearing under your clothes.  You wear these full metal jackets and you lure men in, men who are visual creatures by the  way and all they see is your breasts poppin out, ass poking out, waist sucked in, you’re looking like a real life Jessica Rabbit!

But after a few dates, when he gets you home and you take  your waist trainer off, your whole body drops down to the ground and gets it eagle on.  He’s no longer attracted to you and you know what? It’s not because your body hit the floor running,  its because you lied.  You came out the shower and your eyebrows were no longer on fleek, your skin wasn’t all that great and your body wasn’t all that tight and that might have been okay with this man that you were trying to impress, if you were just happy with being yourself to begin with.

And so you take it a step further and decide you don’t want to wear the body armor anymore so you contemplate surgery.  There is nothing wrong with a little nip and tuck here and there if you deem it necessary but you have another agenda. You are sick of looking at these females on TV that are beat, snatched and flawless getting all this money and attention. You want to be like them too!  So you save up as much money as you can and you find the most affordable doctor, no matter what the consequences are and you risk it all just to look good.

But how do you feel inside? After all the poking and prodding and being cut open and having things sucked out of you and put back in you… how does that make you feel?

When did simply being you, stop being enough?

All the waist training and butt injections is not worth your life.  If you are unhappy with your looks, take into consideration that what you allow inside of you will be reflected on the outside of you.

Eat well, exercise and be happy with you, beYOutiful and it will shine through on the outside. No amount of surgery can top natural beauty.

Be Great!



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