Be Encouraged, Be an Inspiration

The older we get, the less tolerable we become of people around us and what they bring to the table or lack there of.  All of us are striving for something or to be somebody or to accomplish a goal.  The last thing we need are distractions.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we can’t find that inner peace because we are attributing to the confusion in our lives by surrounding ourselves with individuals who attract drama.  The time you spend gossiping, carrying on, doing nothing and filling your mental space with bullshit is time wasted when you can be chasing your dreams.brandy  There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make the decision to stay in the mix or grow and set an example.  You have to let go of what you know and take that big leap into the next level and when you look back you’ll either see people on the ledge contemplating should they jump with you, you will see people running for safety,  you will see people jumping behind you and unfortunately you will see people trying to grab your ankle so you won’t make it across. Your loved ones will not like it.  Some of them won’t understand.  Change makes some people uncomfortable so they will react negatively to you trying to move on. They may even be envious of your courage to want to change your ways and do better for your self.  You my love have to be unapologetic.   You my sweets have to keep growing and keep going and leave behind whosoever isn’t for the betterment of you or for themselves!  Everyone matures and grows at their own speed, let them catch up, but you have to keep going.

It is important that in the midst of the craziness you have that ONE person that understands, that roots for you, that cheerleaders for you.  More importantly you should have someone in your life that is one step ahead of you. Everyone should have a mentor or someone who is designed to inspire others.  And as you follow the blue print of that person who is living life how you would like to, someone is coming up behind you admiring you as well.

The plan is to always be encouraged by someone and serve as an inspiration to others. No matter what you accomplish, there is one person that helped you along the way, no man is an island.  But you have to find that calm in the world of storm.

Often times, women don’t know how to be happy for another woman when things aren’t going right in their lives.  “Sistas” have a reputation of hating on one another.  It’s not cool.  Encouraging, supporting and genuinely being happy for another woman no matter your circumstances will bless you and make you feel better than ever. It is then and only then that the Universe will give back to you what you exude.

Give a compliment

Be happy for other women

Support the dreams of your loved ones

Be a Mentor

Be influenced by someone who is doing the things you want to do in life.

And don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith. Watch life change right before your eyes.

Be Great!


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