Month: March 2018

Is “Positive Thinking,” …bullshit?

Here’s my take on positive thinking, energy, unhappiness, stress, etc.  I can only speak from experience as I have dealt with many emotions, high’s and low’s in my lifetime.  But like an addiction, you gotta get a handle on shit because life is about ups and downs, high’s and low’s regardless of who you are, what you have, what you do, where you live, skin color, gender, etc. Too much of anything is no good for you.  We all can agree on that right? But there comes a time in your life when you just get tired of feeling weighed down and our first instinct is to blame something or someone… else.  It normally happens when you feel as if you are doing everything you are suppose to do, yet, something just isn’t right, you are still unhappy, unsettled, energy off.  That is where positive thinking comes in to play and it’s not as easy as just thinking happy thoughts, its about embedding this way of thinking into your soul, your being, you have to become a positive thinker, not just think positive thoughts.  Continue reading “Is “Positive Thinking,” …bullshit?”


I just want to take a moment to rest my hand on the home row keys and allow my fingers to dance and express how I feel about the audacity of women to celebrate one another because nobody else will. I want to take in this moment to bask in the beauty of women who are out here unapologetically showing they natural black asses all up and through these streets.  Every time you turn on the TV, movie theaters, social media, your block, my block, we are every where, afros out, colorful garments, flashy, brazen, bodacious, loud, proud, laughing and hugging, extending opportunities, shaking hands, rubbing shoulders, complimenting one another, adjusting one another’s crown’s, loving on one another, healing each other.

It took us, to fix us and love us. Continue reading “SHOUT OUT TO US!”


I love writing about relationships because we learn so much from them all (or at least we should) be it a situationship, manipulationship, relationship, friendship, partnership, affairs…. yeah I said it, affairs!

Anyway, either you are doing the choosing or being chosen, right? Has being chosen made you more relaxed in your situation? In hindsight, has it made you feel so special perhaps even a bit self-absorbed to the point that you forgot to choose yourself?

Let that sink in for a moment. Continue reading “Flowers”