Month: February 2016


A Poem I wrote called “Life”
Life ain’t all positive
We CHOOSE to find the positive in each day.
We post positive things
We train our minds to think positive as much as we often can because WE KNOW that life ain’t all positive all the time
and it’s okay
Because life was not meant to be easy
life is not all happy, go go gadget sunshine every day.
It’s not all roses
you’re bound to prick your finger
Life is hard
even when you are happy
and have your Faith in God
We still fear the negative the life can bring us at any given moment
snatching the sunshine out of our smiles
the air out of our kisses
the love out of our hands…
and that is why every day we all pray, meditate, cut folks off, change jobs, change up our routine as a way to combat life’s ills…
pain, bad energies etc
Some of us change everything around us but never once think of changing ourselves.. imagine that..
Life is not all fucking good and that’s the dope part about it!
Jumping hurdles, testing your endurance and strength
Falling, competing with yourself, being a warrior
laughing at your mistakes and learning
getting your heart broken and learning
wanting something so bad you’re yearning
Life then becomes a scavenger hunt
Turning you into a savage
But you gotta keep a positive outlook right?
Life is not all fucking good and perfect
and you know what?
people who act like their life is so perfect….scares me..
Because they are out of touch
They are unreal
Or maybe it’s me that can’t see the beauty in the sky….
Doubt it..
Be Good To Yourself
Be Great!