Month: September 2015

Don’t Play The Role Of Wife If You’re Just A Girlfriend?????????

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Folks are quick to say “Don’t take advice from a woman that can’t keep or doesn’t have a man.”

Well let’s think about this for a second.  Do we know why she doesn’t have a man? Do we know for sure that she can’t keep one?

All we know is that she is currently single but surely she has some advice to share if she is a woman of age right?  Who’s to say that she hasn’t learned from her mistakes that caused her to be single and wants to share it with others?

Why do folks equate being single with being “unwanted”  “undesirable” or “unknowledgeable”  of how to keep or get a mate?  I never really understood when people said that.

Now I can understand folks saying “Don’t get your hair done by a bitch that has bald spots.” Okay that makes sense but anyway … Continue reading “Don’t Play The Role Of Wife If You’re Just A Girlfriend?????????”