Now I know that your best girlfriend is in a relationship, 3 of your co-workers got engaged this month, you’ve been in 2 weddings this summer and you even got news that your ex done proposed to the chick he done cheated on you with.

The first thing you started doing was internalizing all of it. Don’t lie! You began to look at yourself and question, why not me? Your best friend, your ex, everyone around you is getting married, getting into relationships, falling in love.  And the only thought you can muster up is, why not me?

Well the simple, short and honest answer is, it’s not your season! It’s not your time.  Instead of focusing on being in a relationship, enjoy being single and dope! What’s wrong with being single?

Life isn’t just about falling in love, being with someone, having a bae to post on social media or wanting someone to love you. Life is about loving yourself and loving the skin your in! It’s about loving the hours, days and minutes that God has given you on this earth. It’s about loving who you are and what you do! Life is about being okay with everyone around you progressing because guess what, you’re progressing too!

You are a single dope female, get into it!

I’m not saying that sometimes we don’t get lonely and that we wish we had a mate.  But there are also seasons in your life when it’s clearly not happening and sitting around stressing yourself out, or putting up with someone’s bullshit because you don’t want to be alone is some nonsense, so you have to focus on other things!  You are a movement by yourself.  Focus on that business you have been wanting to start, the weight loss you’ve been putting off, your school work, redecorating your home, building your credit, reading more, going out more, traveling more and when all else fails, finding happiness and joy in being alone so you won’t have to force yourself to do things to occupy your time.  Being alone, single, happy in your solitude is so damn dope!

Once you achieve finding peace and contentment in being alone, you will never find yourself chasing, yearning or staying in a relationship that is beneath your standards ever.

You are a single dope female. You are not some sad case of the shits that nobody wants.  You are not a disease.  You are not washed up. You are not unworthy.  You are simply single. Nothing more, nothing less.  You are just without partner because the Universe didn’t send you your worthy partner yet. Don’t dramatize your singleness and don’t let people make you feel a way about not having someone special in your life.

You have to find a way to make your life full without depending on a relationship. Even when you get into one, you still have to be your own woman and do your own thing. Do everything for yourself ESPECIALLY loving and being good to yourself and there is no doubt that you will attract a mate that loves you and is good to you too.



Excerpt from The Book Of Yaya 12:77

“A lonely heart attracts companionship. A whole heart begets fellowship. With that being said, it’s on you to attract either a soul mate or a distraction.”

Excerpt from The Book Of Yaya 12:77


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