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Oct 4, 2016 by

Some folks have social media because they want to keep their “friends” updated on every thing that they do, every emotion that they are feeling and every one that they got beef with.  They legit want you to know what is going on, even if you are not their FB friend and you happen to come across them on a mutual friends post, yes, they want you to know what’s going on in their life as well! So instead of risking everybody NOT seeing what they have going on they have found a clever way to keep you abreast of all of their emotions.

They put it in their name. Yes honey!  If you absolutely need and want everyone to know what’s on your mind and you don’t want to type it in the dialogue box provided, just put it in your name!

For example, going through trying times? Want all 328 of your FB friends to know? Just Put it in your name:

Keisha “ImamakeitthroughGodisgooddontworryhegonblessmeandyawlgonbemadwhenIgetthisnursingcertificateandDNRyourassifyoucometomyhospitaldying” Lee.

You want that bitch to know that the man she’s claiming is still giving you sausage while she’s at work? Just put it in your name: Carin Thatswhywhenyouatworkheinmybedalldayfrom9to5  Jones.

Are you feeling yourself? You want everybody to know how, even when you appear in folks People You May Know” feed, to know that you love yourself? I got a name for you. Jessica BadBitchOndecknobobodyisbetterthanmemyshoescost2racksswipelife Miller.

If you absolutely need them to know that ain’t no Remy out the pack hair, that you went straight to Cambodia for them bundles? LET THEM BITCHES KNOW! Put it in your name Rhonda   IchoppedabitchheadstraightoffhershouldersinSriLankawhenIwasonVacationRockingtheRealhumanhair   Richards.

Are you truly busy? Like really busy and you want the world to know? Take some time out of your busy schedule to put it in your name! Melanie Toobusylivingmylifenotimeforgamesbossitchbusyimbusybusyingwithmybusyass Parsons.

And don’t ever miss an opportunity to let us know that you are too damn blessed to be stressed. Put it in your name Mrs.Sheila fuckouttahereGodGotmewhatyougottoostressedforyourbullshitImabealrightiwithorwithoutyoublessedbaby Arnold’s.

And if you want people to cut it out with the long ass FB names, aye Put it in your name! Yaya Shutyourdamnassupwiththeselongassnamesdontnobodywantyourpunkassbikecuz Ellisrhoa phaedra parks the real housewives of atlanta bravo eye roll


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