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No matter how much you like him, no matter how much time you spend together, no matter how many times and how many different positions you have sex, no matter how many times you let him hit it raw, no matter how many times you cooked him dinner, no matter how many times you went out on dates, no matter how many times you gave him head, no matter how many times you met his “sister,” no matter how many times you met his trifling ass mama, no matter how cool his mans annem is and how many times they showed you love, no matter how many times he slept over your house, no matter how many times you let him take you to get your kids from school or “Nana” house, no matter how many times he looked you in your eyes while making you cum from the heavens….

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If he has not, sat you down and had “the talk” with you to let you know what you mean to him and that he wants “this” to be more than “that” he is NOT your man.  Listen to me.  If a man wants to be with you, and if a man wants to solidify your spot in his life, he will some way some how verbalize it.  Do NOT let the time spent, the dick sucked, the moments in time make you feel as if you are more than what you really are… to him.

If he doesn’t say it? Then you are nothing more than what it is. Meet ups and time spent. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

So, let us move on.

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You, unfortunately have never been put on to game or hipped to the savage ways of the world, so it’s not your fault. Or you clearly have not been paying attention to the heartache you have endured time after time. However, at some point and at what point do you  stop and realize the pattern that you continue to throw yourself into? At what point do you realize that you keep on giving your time, love, body, world, hopes, dreams and dedication to men that aren’t claiming you but reaping the benefits of being with a woman like you, that clearly wants to be in a relationship, you just don’t know how to confirm when you are in one? You feel that you are in one based off of everything you do and give him, but what does he do for and give you? More importantly, what are you giving yourself?

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So now here you are, 2 to3 bodies in,  too many damn years wasted and you are MAD! AS YOU SHOULD BE, because one of those motherfuckas should have wifed you right? You are a bad mother shut chyo mouf! But nobody wants you. Well that’s how you’re feeling, it’s not true, it’s not, but that’s how you feel, based off of the situations you put yourself in.  Nobody can make you feel worthy, your friends can’t tell you how beautiful you are, no amount of fuck em dresses can make you feel good about yourself because all of the men you wanted, didn’t stick around, leaving you drained of all your womanisms.  So now? every man in the world is public enemy number one to you, after years of physical, emotional and mental abuse.

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All ni**as aint shit! You got t-shirts, hats, everything, all kinds of paraphernalia embedding that shit into your brain. You gotta take a step back mama.  You gotta take a step back and be real with yourself.  What did you give up, how much, how fast, how many times and then ask yourself why? What made him, him or him worthy?

Furthermore, you can’t be running around here slandering men, saying they ain’t shit.  What did he do to you? He was not your man, he doesn’t owe you any damn thing! While he was out there doing him, you should have been doing  you! Nobody told you to be acting like a wife, doing all kinds of wifely shit when you weren’t even a girlfriend. Girl stop now you’re mad? And you keep doing it? Now all these men ain’t shit? How?

Somebody should have told you, these ni**as is hungry. You can’t keep dangling that steak in the face of dogs and expecting them not to eat it just because they just had some steak a minute ago.  Feel me? You can’t want love so damn bad that you are willing to give it to anybody.

He is not your man unless he tells you so and follows it up with action.  No matter what you think you got going on with your him he is not of you, if he can’t even verbalize how he feels about you.  If you ask the damn man, what is it about me that you like so much, that keeps you coming around so much and he give you some bullshit ass answer like, “I don’t know, you just you.” or “I don’t know …. you..” anything that starts off with I don’t know is the wrong damn answer.

A grown ass man that knows what he wants will let you know, even if it ain’t you, so there won’t be no confusion. And if you are confused? That means he don’t want your ass. And if you have to ask? then sheeeeeeeyit.

Put it like this:

You’re looking for a new job, you interview, they tell you they want to hire you.  Would you quit your current job before the new job sends you the paper work to sign and confirm that you will be employed? Well, that’s how you gotta do these men. Until they give you the receipts, you stand alone. He is not your man. Stop imagining it.

You shouldn’t have to.

Take your time.  Don’t rush and crash. Just chill, enjoy your life, give what you get back and don’t run off of emotion.   Yeah you will cry some nights, you will hug your pillow a little tighter, you will be lonely, you will feel sick at times, but you gotta push through the pain in order to find love on the other side.

Love when you are READY not when you are lonely.

Hope this helps.




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