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My daughter Madison was full of personality! A bright, silly little drama queen that would dance as soon as she heard a beat drop!  She was as healthy & happy as she could be.  All that changed when she her leg started hurting. She complained about a pain in her left leg. She had been playing outside & fell down a hill. I thought she was just sore from the fall or maybe pulled a muscle. The pain got worse so we went 2 get x-rays.  X-rays led 2 a MRI and that led 2 a biopsy.

On  February 24th 2015 Madison was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) She survived 29 weeks of chemotherapy & countless trips back & forth 2 Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta hospital & the Aflac unit. At 11 yrs old she had 2 make a decision that would change her life 4 ever. We chose 2 amputate. On June 10th 2015 Madison lost her left leg kicking cancer’s butt!

A relative told her if she didn’t keep her leg people would look at her like she was some kinda freak, she would be in middle school & wouldn’t make friends, no boys would want 2 date her & she wouldn’t get married.

Between that & experiencing bullying @ school (kids teasing her about her leg.) This sent Madison into a serious state of depression & she shut down.  For months I been working on rebuilding her self-esteem with mental & physical therapy.  Madison is getting better but still struggles with life in middle school, with fitting in & doing all the cool things other kids are doing. Simple things like being able 2 do the latest dances. Or running & walking around with her friends.
It breaks my heart to see my child  through this. I’m a single mother trying 2 take care of all Madison’s medical needs & maintain our household .  Health insurance will only cover the basic leg with limited range of motion (what she has now) & that’s $18,000. The leg Madison will need cost $40 – $80k My mission is to raise money to get Madison a leg that give her a better quality of life & allow her to live her life to the fullest!

Anything would be greatly appreciated.  If your unable 2 donate you can help be a blessing by just sharing this. No blessing is too small.   From the bottom of my heart.  I thank you in advance.

Love Mom (Maxine)

Go Fund Me For Madison:https://www.gofundme.com/2f8q4m77&rcid=8c49687e916011e68898bc764e049a64

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