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Yes honey lets jump right into this here debate about men, money, women, lifestyles and what not!  But see the issue already is in what you are thinking right now when the question is asked, “Can You Afford Me?”  If you are a male reading this, instantly you got defensive, aggravated and probably called me a bitch. But read on brother, let me learn you something right quick. You probably thought that this was about a woman, wanting to know if a man can afford to buy her material things.  You probably thought this was a question asked by an immature female wanting to know can you finance her bundles or ass injections.  If that is what you were thinking, you have some maturing to do as well.  

Though affording someone can very well be a financial situation,  in some aspects it’s really about the over all reality and RESPONSIBILITY of taking care of a person. When a grown woman poses the question, can you afford me? Before blurting out, fuck you bitch, you gets no doe, stop, think for a second.  This is a grown woman, who quite naturally takes care of herself.  So what on God’s earth could she possibly mean by, “Can you afford me?”  If you don’t know what she is talking about, step back, about face and walk away.  You’re not ready.

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Affording a woman or person rarely has anything to do with money and everything to do with, time, energy and effort.  Can you afford me?  Do you have the time that it takes to get to know me and me to know you? Can you afford to compromise or sacrifice a bit of your time to get to know me and put in the work it takes to capture me and KEEP ME? Do you have the endurance to go the distance with me? Do you match my energy, do you even have the proper energy? Do you have what it takes to put in the effort to make a thing work? Can you keep up? Are you really interested? Time will reveal. I ask again, can you afford me? Because I am rich on life, rich on personality, rich on vibes, rich on dopeness, rich on love, rich on quality, rich mentally, rich spiritually, rich emotionally. So I ask you again.  Can you afford to keep up with this lifestyle?

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And honey we didn’t even start talking about money yet, are you exhausted yet? Are you intimidated yet?  Then walk on by. Oh you’re’ still here? You think you can afford me? Well then there’s more on this road to riches.

An immature woman will ask, can you afford me? meaning what can you buy me.  But see that’s the difference between being rich thinking and wealthy thinking. Some women want only what the eyes can see.  Grown women wants what no one can see and only she can feel.  But you don’t hear me though.

So the lesson in this ladies is that some men walk away from you or don’t pursue you, not because there is something wrong with you but because they simply can not afford you. A broke ni**a is always chasing sales. He can’t afford you. Fuck em.  Be okay with that, don’t mark your price down, keep shining, keep growing, keep those standards high and that chin up.

Fuck a broke ni**a that can’t afford you.

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