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It is just too damn exhausting to give a shit sometimes.   That’s just the bottom line.   Life is hectic as is! And if you’re anything like me, your mind is constantly on the run, you are always trying to improve yourself,  you have kids, school, work, a business and you know what? Even if you’re not as busy, giving a shit is still exhausting.  Chances are you’ve been in enough shit to last you a life time and you’ve just had enough of giving a shit about shit! Listen, it doesn’t take turning 40 or having a baby to stop giving a shit.  Pay attention to what drains you and stop giving a shit about THAT THING…NOW! You will know exactly when you are losing the good fight to hold on to the shits to give too.  One day you will wake up, you will get a phone call about something and your attitude during that call will be different than it has ever been. You will realize, yo I don’t give a shit.

Days, weeks will go by and you will realize that the one person that you always talk to hasn’t contacted you, guess what, you will not give a shit.  Somebody throwing jabs at you and shit, you aint gon give a shit.  At work, you will no longer try to be the perfect employee, you will realize that they don’t give a shit so neither should you.  You are slowly morphing into Ray Charles, as you become blind to a lot of things, most times this is not done on purpose.  You see, the stars are just beginning to align with your core.  The Universe becomes in touch with who you are and what you’re trying to become.  The moon above knows the path that you are trying to get on and it will not allow tumbleweeds of shit to cross your path. You will find yourself on this lonely road. Don’t panic, you are just transitioning to the other side where things are greater. A side where people are free of fucks to give and shits to share.

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Here are 7 things that you will no longer give a shit about once you reach that other side.

  1. He say she say: Listen, unless he says that she says she has a million dollars for me? Or Idris Elba waiting for me butt naked covered in reeses pieces butter cups? I don’t care what she said and neither should you. You are way too grown to give a shit about what someone has to say about you.  If they can’t say it to your face, fuck em. If it ain’t about some shmoney, some good times, some new di** or something positive? bye peace martin get out martin lawrence
  2. Acceptance: We all want to be loved and accepted by the people we love the most or the people we admire. But you ain’t for everybody! Embrace that shit! You shouldn’t be out here giving a shit about who wants to hang around you and who doesn’t. There has to be someone that likes being around you, just look in the mirror.beach mirror
  3.  Your weight: A lot of times we complain about our weight because the people around us are saying slick shit.  Or you may have caught your man staring too long at a female, repetitively so now you want to look like her.  Maybe all of your friends are rocking Body con dresses and you can’t. Fuck them.  Have you ever just stopped and looked at yourself and appreciated your body for what it is? Are you in a health crisis? Are you happy with how you look? Then go be great and love your body don’t let these waist trainer models and social media filters fool you into the hospital and kidney failure! Cot dammit don’t you hate a motherfucka that be like, “you put on weight since the last time I seen you!” G bitch could it be because the last time you saw me I was in elementary school and now I’m a fucking grandmother to be? The fuck, am I suppose to still have 6th grade titties and puberty legs? Super Deluxe funny reaction wtf joanne
  4. Being in a relationship: The pressures of being in a relationship nowadays is ridiculous.  Social media will have you thinking that something is wrong with you if you do not have a man and then here some of us go, clinging to dear life to the one dude that doesn’t even like us like that, posting pictures of yawl together with just his arm showing and shit.  Or even worse feeling depressed for being single.   It’s okay to be single or not!  Stop making up ni**as and shit,  you look crazy. ariana grande annoyed clap back do not front with me right now do not front
  5. Friends: Yeah, these bitches are overrated sometimes.  Doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them or what they’ve done for you or you for them, if you look around and find yourself by yourself, that’s a clear sign that there is room being made for new things to come. Take advantage of that me time and attract a different flock next time around. Stop giving a shit.
  6. What people think of you: Why do you care again what people think of you? Are they paying the bills? Do they take care of your child(ren)? Does the rent being paid depend on a motherfucking liking you? Will you die if they blocked you on social media? Will you lose a limb if you find out someone doesn’t like you?  Like… truly ask yourself, why do I give a shit what people think of me? I don’t care what you think of me! I don’t think of you at all! Okay? You got me fucked up daah’lin!Cristóbal pop aesthete eartha kitt retro tv what's my line?
  7. He/She Not Calling You: Like for real, we are too grown to play games.  If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me! Go ahead and free yoself! That guy you thought was going to call you didn’t. So what? And? You are going to meet folks who will waste your cot damn time by asking for your number to do absolutely NOTHING with it.  That is not for you to wonder why or check yourself into the psych ward or seek counseling behind. Don’t over think it! Fuck em! The answer to everything is fuck it, fuck em, or fuck that! Trust me, it will get you through the hardest of times.   Stop giving a shit B… for real.   A simple, “maaaan… fuck you,” goes a long way.

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