Those Who Pray With You… Stay With You

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Sometimes life is so damn hard.  There are decisions to be made constantly, pain to be cured always, old wounds opening up from time to time, things that you need to learn to let go, the job is wilin’ you out, the kids are out of order, the man ain’t acting right, friends are buggin, family is trifling, things just won’t add up to make sense.  But you fight the good fight. You persevere through life’s ills.  You find your footing.  You pray, you soldier on, you come out of the dark.

You find your joy!

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You find your light!!!

Because you fought so hard to find that light you will protect it with the strength of 1,000 soldiers.  That is when people begin to fall out of your life. Not because they aren’t worthy of you but because they are no longer comfortable with who you have become. They are use to the broken you, they are comfortable with the broken you so they don’t know how to deal with you as a whole person.  Broken people attract and cling to other broken people.  Once you become whole you have no room for pieces of anything. So now things begin to change, people aren’t acting strange, they are remaining in their own truth, you just see things differently now.

But at this point you do not care. NOTHING is more important in this very moment than you and your peace and internal happiness. And you don’t give a shit about any one if they aren’t helping you celebrate this new found joy you have in your spirit. 

And so you are living your life like it’s golden.  Things are going great, the universe is saying thank you for all the positive vibes you’ve been putting out, you are attracting new friends, new ways of life, you discovered a new wine, little things turn to big things, life is great and then BOOM one day, the familiar pain from the past shows up like how Ike did the day Tina was set to go on stage without him for the first time.

It  shows up and wants to remind you that no matter how far you go, no matter how far you’ve come, no matter what you accomplish in life, you will never be nothing but that past that you so desperately and rightfully so wants to remove yourself from.  It wants to try to convince you that this person you are today is just a facade. That you are nothing more than what you use to be and the pain that you once wore on your sleeve as a badge of honor.


That is a motherfucking LIE. And any one that is in your life right now that constantly reminds you of the pain you been through, the things you’ve done, the person you use to be, you need to get rid of them IMMEDIATELY!

But let’s scale back, because this ain’t about that.

So this ugly past appears and darkens your doorway.  What do you do? Who do you call on outside of God?

You share this with a few good folks in your life and nine times out of 10 their advice is based on whats going on inside of them, not you. People rarely listen to understand but instead listen to reply most times, myself included. But you listen, as you should, and you filter out what makes no damn sense and then there are things you should file away.

You will have those who suggest you show your ass and wild out, you will have those who condone you acting an ass and doing drastic shit because they want to watch you make an ass of yourself, you will have those who will watch you as you begin slipping back into darkness to deal, pretending to give a helping hand but… they really think you should humble yourself as a reminder of where you came from. Then you will have those who will tell you to be silent, based on their own fears, don’t shake the table!

You will have those who don’t give a fuck and don’t even wanna be bothered with your shit, you will have those who will give you the I told you you ain’t no better than me passive aggressive advice, you will have those that are secretly happy that your past came back to fuck with your chi but will pretend that they are soooooo sorry you are going through this.

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But the truth of the matter is, hard times reveal the good and bad in people. I’ve learned this. I’ve long ago received this.  So you can’t give no energy to that shit.

But in the midst of it all, what you should pay attention to are the people who remain consistent. The people who are true to you will always prevail no matter the circumstances. You must believe and know this and seek out those who want what is best for you at all times. Never mind those who shout your failures and whisper your success.  Never mind those who hold a magnifying glass to your pain but go blind at your happiness.

Most importantly, everyone should have friends or people in their lives that pray not only for them, but with them. Anybody can saaaaaaaay, “I’m praying for you,” in your darkest hours, then hang up the phone and tell your business, walk away from you and immediately forget what your going through.  But when you come across people that will hold your hand, bow their heads with you and pray for you and with you? Those are people worth keeping in your life no matter what!

In these trying times when trust is non existent and everybody is out for self, fight to keep your light, stay in prayer, and every day bring yourself closer to God and he will place genuine people in your life.

At the end of the day nobody is perfect and everybody is fighting their own battles and they deal with things the best way that they know how. But when shit is real? You don’t have time for emotions, or people who are hot-headed, bitter or lost them damn selves. You need to seek counsel from those people in your life who are centered, focused and discerned.

My prayer for you all is that you have people around you that are so lost in God, that this is the ONLY way they could have found you.

Be Good To Yourself

Be Great!

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