Why conversations among women must change for the better

This video discusses Why quality conversations are important and how it can change the dynamics of any relationship. Learning to avoid toxic conversations.

Positive and quality conversation between women causes a domino effect. We should all strive to keep a great vibe among our peers and to dismiss any conversation that is geared toward tearing down another woman.

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Cynthia Bailey on Entrepreneurship and staying focused

Before she was Nene Leakes “bestie,” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey was a real house hold name among the fashion elite, gracing the covers of some of the worlds top fashion magazines.  Yes, one thing is for sure, you all got Ms. Bailey effed up.  This woman is a legend in her own right, you could find Cynthia styling alongside the likes of Beverly Johnson, Naomi, Iman and Tyra. Continue reading

Its Ok To Be Tired Of Yourself

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It’s OK to be tired of yourself.

Yes I said it right. Tired of your same old self…your old self attracts too much Bullshit.. so much so that you dedicate your life to change. You are tired.

So You begin to walk different, you begin to speak different, you entertain different conversations, you go different places, you dress different,  you begin to Pray different…

You meet different, you eat different, you put up with different shit.. you practice a different way of life because you want a different outcome… YOU ARE TIRED OF YOURSELF.

You are tired of yourself. And you have every right to change for the betterment of you. Because you are the one waking up tired of yourself and you just can’t deal.

Those who don’t respect that are the ones who more than likely want to constantly remind you of your past and who and how you use to be. They don’t understand that you are paying homage to your past by building a better life off it back.

They unfortunately miss out on the opportunity to meet a new friend with the same old values and beautiful heart that kept them in your life all this time.

My guess is that they ain’t tired of themselves yet.  

But YOU keep going.

Nobody works hard and goes thru all this hell and heartache in life to remain the same.

They call that insanity…. right?

Be Good To Yourself

Be Great!