What NOT to tell a friend after a Break-Up

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Break up’sImage result for woman crying tissue are hard enough to deal with and when your loved one reaches out to you to share the dreadful news of him/her and their significant other calling it quits, the last thing they want to hear are the following:

1.Good, he/she was no good for you anyway:

 Thanks… friend. Thanks for expressing this after the fact.

2. I got somebody for you

If you’ve ever been in love then you know its not that easy to move on.  The last thing you want to do is entertain a new love interest while your mind is on your ex.  So if you know that your friend was truly in love then you should know that it will be a while before she wants to meet someone else.  Be that somebody for her and don’t force potential mates in her face until she is fully healed.

3. You’ll be okay

Of course she’ll be okay but right now she would rather jump off a cliff and dive into a sea of hot grits and die, thanks.

4. You guys will get back together don’t worry

Once the announcement has been made that it’s over, that is because a woman is ready to deal with the backlash from family and friends.  We KNOW it’s over for real this time.  So stop playing mind games with your friend.  She is worried and annoyed and wants to vomit every day.

5. His Loss

Ya think!? But in the meantime let her find 1,000 reasons why it’s her loss and not his and blame herself while drowning her sorrows in a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay. No matter how much you compliment her and let her know how beautiful she is and what a jerk he is for dumping her, she doesn’t see that right now.  Let her be great.

6. His new girl ain’t as pretty as you

I know you want to help your friend feel better by dogging the new girl but whether the new girl is supermodel fine or dog shit ugly, the fact of the matter is, your friend has been replaced… and that’s not a good feeling. So no bringing up the girl you saw him with inside of  the mall.

Wanna help your friend deal with a break up? Just be a good ear, let her vent and try your very best to keep your opinions to yourself. I know its hard but watch what you say during these fragile times. Less is more and your presence and time is worth way more than words!

Be Great!

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